APECS Science Fair

Become excited about science and find out everything there is to know about the polar regions during this unique two-day event! 25-26 May, Academy Palace, Brussels. Free and suited for all ages

More info about the experiments and speakers: http:///sites.google.com/site/apecsbelgiumsciencefair.

Read the press release here.

Next Generation Sequencing at the Poles

A workshop to discuss new NGS technologies, data analysis strategies, challenges, and caveats as applied to microbial ecology

The Next Generation Sequencing at the Poles workshop, organized by The CCAMBIO Project partners, took place at the University of Liège (Liège, Belgium) between 21 and 23th November 2012. The first day was dedicated to lectures, poster presentations and discussion centered around proposing guidelines for inter-laboratory comparisons. Click here to download the book of abstracts.

David Pearce, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK
Antonio Quesada, Autonomous University Madrid, Spain
Alison Murray, Desert Research Institute, NV, USA
Jean-François Ghiglione, Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne, France
George Kowalchuk, Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Netherlands
Thomas Pommier, Université de Lyon 1, France
Craig Herbold, University of Waikato, New Zealand
Étienne Yergeau, National Research Council of Canada, Montréal

During the second and third days, a training course on bioinformatic analyses was given by Alison Murray, Thomas Pommier and Craig Herbold.